Saatchi//Happy belated New Year


So hey guys, it’s been some time I know I know. I promise a lot of waffle but never deliver I do apologise for so. Thought I’d wish everyone a very belated Happy New Year because well yeah its 2015, a new year to do new things, Cute things with cute people. This is the year of “fuck it I will”. I want to shoot more, Travel, Spend more time with the people I love, Love more, Care less and stop being such a loser. Already I can see a change in my photos and finally have the headspace to work at them. My family haven’t failed to inform me that I have no life and don’t act very teenager-y BUT things will fix. Thats my motto. I will do things from now on. As drake once said “Anytime you’re afraid to try some new shit…just remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the titanic” -2010. This year you just got to start doing shit like..just do shit. Do it. Do it now. I hope everyone prospers and if your belief that you will hasn’t come yet I’m sure your surge for success is soon to come. Go for walks, Take pictures, Tell people how you feel, Pray more, Stay chill and Stay happy. This is the most sickly, cheesy post out of all my ugly cheesy posts (I just read through them all like who was I please? whats sad is it was just a few months ago sigh lol idk why I typed like that, forever fake deeping things) I’ve ever made ew I hate that mushy fake deep kinda stuff but yeah its kind of a must in the new year isn’t it? someones got to do it. Dw my posts should be normal once I acc start posting again but anyway have a good year or whatever~// The Saatchi Gallery: Yesterday Caribs and I trained it to Chelsea to check out the famous Saatchi gallery as we’ve wanted to do so for a while since as you know we are little explorers us. We go everywhere, do everything. We kept seeing alternative Instagram kids going so we had to see these exhibitions ourselves. I don’t know if she had any expectations, I don’t generally with anywhere that we go so its not to say I had one thought and experienced another but I’m telling you I had no idea I would be left in awe. I definitely didn’t expect what I saw. long story short I loved it, Caribs loved it, the art was amazing. Very unique, very contemporary, very fresh I like it (shoutout to my man James White who defines irrelevant omg aw have’t heard anything about him in a while) everything was just like I can’t describe it but I do recommend a visit. The only part I didn’t like but was very powerful, A great piece, impactful but petrifying for me was on the second floor in the left room. A group of robotic muslim women in prayer. I have a fear of statues, mannequins and things alike and especially because they move I just had to skip it or I would have embarrassed myself sigh but yeah do go guys. I took the opportunity to change up my style and have a mini shoot there and the results were great. Here are some from yesterday^. I want to go again next week or the week after because I loved it that much. There was a room filled with litres upon litres of oil, the room was like an oil pool basically. I loved that and there was also this room in there that is prob the darkest room in the gallery right, it was dimly lit and full of these brown sheets it appeared from a far. When we got closer we saw it was flags, all the countries hanging from the walls, in the centre and ceiling. The material was interesting, very organic looking and not particularly fibrous like cotton or wool or even polyester or something. As we entered the room we discovered 2 interesting things, One this artists had actually accomplished creating every flag even the most complicated or unknown (to assess people’s awareness I always check for one flag, the Dominican Flag, My flag because our island is often ignored or unheard of and our flag is complicated so it’s usually never included anywhere. We are seriously underrepresented but its okay because us islanders know where we are from woot woot) and two…the flags were actually made from 100% human hair…ew yeah I know but who would of thought? innovative huh? Everything else was just great, as I said I can’t explain it efficiently enough but please go. Interested in art or not i’m sure everyone could appreciate this gallery.

Anyway thats a mini update for you so until next time ♡KuroKvtty: The unseen OUT! ^w^♡

‘Tis truly season


Hello…I thought it about time for me to make a post and why not one about the most wonderful time of the year. Caribs and I went out to complete some homework of mine yesterday and afterwards decided to explore a little as we always do. A day with us is no fun if we don’t fear getting lost a few times~ We went to Tate modern then trekked over the millennium bridge (I believe that’s what it’s called??) to where we walked for a while.


We stopped as we came across the Christmas set up in the square right next to St. Paul’s cathedral (its on the left of it) and it awoke the Christmas spirit that lies dormant most of the year. It was just 3 trees but they were lovely especially in the night light. I love these photos, I hope to print them but for now ♡KuroKvtty: The unseen OUT! ^w^♡




I’ve been so so bad…I literally feel so terrible. I just abandoned you guys after my countless promises to be consistent. Mondays and Wednesdays I said I’ll post and I haven’t for a long long while now. How I expect to get anywhere I don’t know. I mean I’m still exhausted and school is still in the way but I must suck it up and follow through with my responsibilities like I said I would. please pardon me guys. For now ♡KuroKvtty: The unseen OUT! ^w^♡


What a powerful thing it is. I feel drunk with it, it is knocking me left, right and center. I was meant to post on Friday, Monday and Wednesday but so so tired. School is taking it out of me. So sorry guys, tomorrow I will be on track. see you later~ ♡KuroKvtty: The unseen OUT! ^w^♡

‘Loneliness with an L”


Whether we want to accept it or not, we all suffer a degree of Loneliness from time to time. Some may be able to get over it, push it aside, overcome it. Others may become completely consumed in it and all the darkness that it can bring. Notice it is personified with a capital L, this is because in some aspects it is truly like another person lurking menacingly over ones life, taking hold of them and capturing them. Isn’t it funny that the desire or sense that solitude is to, should or is surrounding one for whatever reason, can push people to put themselves in the most crowded places? for some “Being alone in a crowd” is quite a frightening thought so they don’t seek the company of others. It can be extremely overwhelming and fuel the fire of anxiety instead of battling the issue. Although for some that’s where they need to be to find a type of loneliness, to seek it or be one with it if it was previously prominent. Well at least sometimes that’s the case for me.

DSC_4186 DSC_4183 DSC_4151

This notion has pushed me to want to start a series entitled ‘Loneliness with an L’ and see what can be discovered. I believe the results of this venture will bring few new answers and many relatable ones because at this moment in time I feel it too. The difference with me is that I’m lonely in a crowd I don’t want to be in, A crowd I shouldn’t feel lonely in. In my photography I heavily focus around the human and its nature, what a lens can detect that the eye generally overlooks or the mind wouldn’t second guess. Specifically now I want to focus on this emotion and create a series that embodies it and demonstrates it in all its nature without the need for much analysis or detail. I want to capture it raw. We will see how it goes but for now..♡KuroKvtty: The unseen OUT! ^w^♡


Late Train 21.08.14


So, one night a friend, her Mum and I decided to go out for a night shoot in the city. My friend’s Mum fosters so this was one of the days the baby was in respite allowing her some free time to come and shoot with me. I’ve never got on a train later than 10:00 so it was an experience seeing a nearly empty train station in London since three quarters of the time its the complete opposite. I have a slight fascination with deserted subway photos so taking these and those alike were fun. Seeing London like I never have before. (I felt like a stranger in my own city). We were on our way to south bank.

DSC_3504 I took over 400 pictures this night, I have no idea how or completely why but it was  probably motivated by the frustration I felt earlier that day when I went for a  college interview and the teacher insisted he knew me better than myself. He didn’t think I had drive, determination, the yearning to progress or have a clear view of my future. He didn’t want to enroll someone who changed their mind “every time  the clock stroked twelve” (I was 16 going on 17 the day after next, even if i was someone who changed their mind, wasn’t I entitled to? i’m a child like literally just). What he failed to understand through his misguided and irrelevant presumption is that is exactly what I have. I applied to do an art course even though I want to be a photographer because if I was to specialize now, I fear appearing too two dimensional. I want to look well DSC_3501rounded on my university application so I needed this course and I was going to get it. I’m someone who sits there for hours a day planning out their life, Inch by inch with plan A’s, B’s and C’s. University has been atop my agenda from year 5 and being a photography is completely and utterly essential as I don’t like to change my plans much and it’s what I want to do end of story. No, I don’t need uni to do it but its a big part of another dream of mine so I will have to achieve it too. This man was not about to get in my way. I brought in old art work, he asked for more, I said I didn’t have any. He gave in and asked to see my photos so I said fine “I’ll go out today and bring them to you tomorrow”….

DSC_3510He enrolled me the next day and commended me on my fight, thank God for the power of this shoot. It’s the one I’ve most enjoyed and have actually liked since I hate all my work. As I said, I’ll post more from this shoot on a later date, these were just some I liked. I hope through this blog we will see some personal development and growth that I can look back on and go “aww I spoke like such a loser” one day ehu~ (I hope i actually post regularly enough to see it too since i’m lazy) but for now…

♡KuroKvtty: The unseen OUT! ^w^♡


Urm i’ll be quick.
I started this blog months ago but had no idea what to post or when to post it. I had a few things up but I’ve decided to take this seriously this time. I hope you enjoy my observations of the world around me and hopefully share some observations of your own one day. My photos are my words, My camera is my pen, My eyes find my subject. ♡KuroKvtty: The unseen OUT! ^w^♡